Zelinde is one of the leaders of the Snow elves. She is part of the ruling Oracle Council. Zelinde was born two thousand years ago and quickly proved to be an exceptional mage. She started her career as a diplomat in the Silver City, talking with the native populations of Taunka. Her career sky rocketed and she soon became the Snow elves finest diplomat. She worked with races from all of Sceracion and she was later sent to act as the Snow elves ambassador in the Wood elven captial city of Shiromar. There, she attended a council meeting with the Wood elven regional lords. The fate of humanity was discussed at the Council since they were on the brink of war with the dominant Nordyr. In the end, it was decided that there would be no assistance to the humans though it might change in the future. Shortly after the Council, Zelinde was sent to the human Kingdom to infilitrate their higher ranks and try to prevent war. She took the disguise of a priestess and watched as war unfolded. She heard of a boy, a priestess and a criminal being sent on a diplomatic mission to the Nordyrs own king and she decided to help them. She became interested in the boy whos name was Cedrik and . At the Council, it was discussed if the two Elven races should help the nearby humans in their losing war against the dominant Nordyr race or if they should let them face the consequences of war. Zelinde stated that the Snow elves considered helping the humans if the Nordyr became to dominant on Sceracion though most of the Wood elves did not favor the option of helping the humans. In the end, it was decided that there would be no military assistance to the human race though in the future there would be another Council meeting.

Shortly after this meeting, Zelinde was sent to

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