Wood Elves are a speices on Sceracion distantly related to the Snow Elves. They are shorter than the Snow Elves, but have longer and more curved ears aswell as more feral cat-like eyes and a weak tone of light green in their skin colour. They are known for their grace and relation to nature and the elements. The wast, wast majority (99%) of all Wood elves live within the expansive ancient woodland and wood elven empire of Sylvar.


More than one hundred thousand years ago, a primitive serpentine race known as the Nereid lived within the depths of the seas. They soon discovered a crossing of powerful ley-lines and it was there that they began building their empire which a hundred thousand years later would span the entire ocean. The Nereid evolved with the energies of the ley-lines and became the first magi in the world. But the power of a single ley-line crossing was not enough. Their scryers felt another source of power, far to the north - buried within snow and ice ontop of the world's very roof - the Arctic Plataeu, Borea.

While some Nereid left to seek out this power source in the north (and later on they would be further evolved by the energies by that source and become what is now Snow elves), the majority stayed. As the Nereids empire grew so fast it agressed other inhabitants (today slaves or exterminated) in the sea and Nereid lords battled for power over the race. One Nereid lord and his people were banished from the old Nereidian Empire and exiled to the shores in the east. Those Nereid would find another more natural source of power.

Dwelling near the banks of Sylvar, the exiled Nereid began to evolve to be able to live on land. As semi-aquatic creatures, they began to worship both the earth and the sea. They went further into land and found a great tree that had been created by yet another crossing of ley-lines for Sylvar had always been a zone heavily activated by the ley-lines. Nobody knows what happened them. Thousands of years past and the semi-aquatic creatures that had once been Nereids turned into what is now Wood elves. The wood elves themself says that their worship of the earth was rewarded by giving them new shapes while Snow elven researchers doubt and say that the strong amount of ley-lines in the forests affected then too and turned them into a similiar shape as the Snow elves.

The Sylvarian or Wood elven culture and civilisation grew fast. Having the ability to control nature itself, they summoned the elemental spirits of the wild to build their homes. The warded over the forest and only hunted when it was nescessary. Everything was resolved around balance and that concept of balance would later become their faith. At the start, far from all Wood elves wanted to play soft and watch over the flowers. With their new powers of nature, they wanted to expand. They showed their power through killing great dragons and fought other races. They expanded into all directions. But then they suddenly lost their power. The Snow elves says that it was the ley-lines redirecting then but the Wood elves claim it was a punishment by the sentient elements and natural forces of the world. They had driven off all dragons from Aevlons surface and nearly killed civilisations. With this punishment, they withdrew to the forests.

Millenia later, they would once again expand outside Sylvar. When the human civilization bordering Sylvar was young, the two races cooperated. The Wood elves built the great metalopolis of Aebron and Ciron. Many oppossed them and these elves teached the humans magic. The human society flourished as the two races exchanged culture. The humans learnt to grow crops from the Wood elves. But as some Wood elves began to use Ley energy, the elven count of Ciron went mad by power. He began to delve into necromancy - a dark art. He began to ritually kill inhabitants in the city and steal their souls to empower himself. In the end, the power was to much to handle and with an explosion of souls the city was destroyed. It is now viewed as cursed and nobody goes there for it is said that he still dwells there, now as a lost soul himself. With this, the Wood elves lost contact with the humans and the humans lost that knowledge. Soon, all rememnants of elven architecture in Aebron and culture was gone. This also resulted in the Wood elves banning official manipulation of Ley line energies.

Yet more thousands of years ago the humans had really established the Kingdom and wanted to progress into the forests of Sylvar when they could not attack the Northern Grounds which was owned by the Nordyr. The Wood elves quickly retailated and annhiliated a nearby human fortress. Tales of great snakellike dragons and even serpentine hawks were told by the survivors. The Wood elves had already lost all respect for the humans and isolated themselves within Sylvar save for a few outposts hear and there. During the isolation, their own culture grew and the religious Druids took power. Sylvar became a theocracy.

During Sylvars isolation, the Wood elves reached the heights of their culture. A faith known as the Harmony was introduced. The Keepers of the Harmony, basically the priests or Druids of the Wood elven people, were given full power though there were many that oppossed them such as the mountain-side region of Wakashi. Wakashi was the only region that became independant and remains so today, it got the most trained military force in Sylvar and will be needed in future conflicts.

During the aevlonian Twin Wars the Snow elves tried to make the Wood elves send reinforcements to help the humans of the Kingdom against the Nordyr of the Northern Grounds. The Wood elves did not agree with this so the Snow elves sent a ship on their own to help the Kingdom but after the ship was destroyed by nordyr Valkyries, they withdrew their official support but teached the humans magic (just as the Wood elves had done in the past). As a civil war broke in the Kingdom between the nobles, the King, the church and the new human magicians broke out - the mountainous and mineral rich neutral region of Galamakh was attacked by the Nordyr. The Wood elves were soon convinced that the Nordyr would win against the humans and done produce war machines in Galamakh to burn down the ancient woodland of Sylvar. With that, the Wood elves helped the occupied people of Galamakh take back their home and joined the final battle outside the Nordyrs capital Hiemgvard. Following this breif alliance, the Wood elves opened more up to the rest of the world.

The Keepers and Druids of Sylvar had gotten less and less power in the society and they had been against assissting the Kingdom in the Twin Wars, saying that it would led more war for Sylvar. They were right. After a violent revolution had happened in the Tribes of the East, the Tribes were planning to attack Sylvar for its natural rescourses in a long term goal to conquer all of Aevlon.

And now recently, Sylvar is under siege by the Tribes and there is a crisis in the heart of the ancient forestland. The people are losing all respect to the passive Druids and Keepers and the militant leaders of the independant of Wakashi are gaining more support. While the Druids and Keepers receive the aid of the elements and of nature to defend Sylvar? Or will the leaders of a small indepedant region take control over Sylvar and strike down the invasion?


The wood elves dedicate their lifes to maintain order, harmony and balance. They are one with the wild and if they sense that something is out of balance within Sylvar, they will act quickly. Wood elves strive to protect the ancient woodland, but care little for the outside world. They are an isolated people that is being forced out into the open if they hope to be the fittest and survive in coming wars.

Once the Druids (nature priests) and Shaman (elemental priests) and had full control over the people but this has changed lately and warlords known as Keepers are gaining more power in their society. While the Druids and Shaman want to keep Sylvar isolated, the Keepers seek to expand beyond Sylvar. Fortunaly, no civil war between the military and religious leaders of the Wood elves have occured - yet.

The single dominant faith of the Wood elves is called the Harmony. The Harmony, to them, refers to a sentient being that is the earth and all life on it itself. The Wood elves have the ability to contact living beings and speak to them. The Snow elves claim that they have gotten this power due to the large amounts of Ley line energies within Sylvar. Wood elves meditate many times a day and only hunt when it is nescessary. After a hunt, there is always a great feast. Otherwise, Wood elves eat fruit and vegetables. The Harmony is not always such a peaceful religion as it might seem to be though. A race could be viewed as disturbing the balance by the Druids and Shaman and as such, have the judgement to be eradicated. The Harmony has aspects of both Druidism and Elementalism. The Druids help the plants and animals of the land while the Shaman communicate to the elements and their spirits in the physical plane. Druids and Shaman alike have great respect in the society. Unlike Snow elves, Wood elves are not immortal though they are still resistant - but not immune - to disease. Wood elves do have very long life and again, due to their religion, they rarely get children. A Wood elf child is either viewed by great appreciation or by great disgust.

Wood Elves have trained and tamed (with their physic communication powers) a great variaton of animals where the most famous include the serpentlike feathered reptilian Fenghuang, the Nose-Horsesd (prehistoric), Wyrms and even the last Dragons who they hide in the mountains.

Wood Elves speak a complex language that is written by detailed signs.

Typical Wood elven colours are autumn colours such as red, yellow and orange.

Traditions and the ElementsEdit

Wood elves have many holidays and traditions. They have great feasts after a hunt and each season is named after an element. To the Wood elves, Elements are natural forces of the world that are nescessary for its survival. There are two types of elements in their society. The major Terrestrial elements are Wind, Water and Earth. The major Cosmic elements are Sun, Moon and Star. There are six seasons for the Wood elves and each of these elements has a season. There are also several minor elements. The six major elements form the most powerful force in the universe - Life. Wood elves seek to keep the balance and harmony between the Cosmic and the Terrestrial elements.

Moon = The Moon month is at the height of winter. The Moon is associated with Energy and Rest and its animal is the Ley Glider. The Moons colour is purple. There is a small seclusive Moon cult of Wood elven Mages in Sylvar. Since the Harmony religion views using Ley energies as an abuse, Wood elven Mages are extremly rare. A strong tradition among the Wood elves is to meditate before the full moon. Opposite of the Sun.

Star = The Star month is the end of the winter and the start of spring. The Star is associated with the spirits of the deceased and afterrlife. Its animal is the Kitsune, as the legends tell that those that reach Total Balance become a spirit Kitsune. The Stars colour is yellow or gold and during this time, the Wood elves honor the dead and tend the trees for it is underneath great trees that Wood elves are buried. The Star period is the saddest time of the year for the Wood elves. Opposite of the Earth.

Water = The month of Water is in spring and in the early summer. Water is associated with purity and order. During this period, the Wood elves celebrate the spring and the coming summer. It is a time of feasts and happiness after the sad month of the Star. Water is associated with the Dolphine as the Dolphine is a pure and graceful animal. The colour of water is unsuprsingly azure blue. Opposite of the Wind.

Sun = The month of the Sun is in the heart of summer. The sun is associated with fire, warmth and love. The celebrations here are almost the same as our Valentines Day, except that this one is for one sixth of the year. The sun is associated with the Butterfly. The suns colour is flaming red or orange. Opposite of the Moon.

Earth = The month of Earth is the late summer and most of the autumn. Its elements is pride, strength and preservance. In times of conflict, the Wood elves often march to war in this period of the year. During this month the Wood elves sing and tell legends and tales of heroism. It is a patriotic time and the animal asscioated with it is of course the Dragon. The colour is green.

Wind = The month of the Wind is within the late autumn and the early winter. It is a month of chaos, sports and games. It is an active period. Great hunts are often saved for this month and there are many competitions. Every time in this time there is a challenge to climb the highest peak of the Lhaymasuu Mountains. The winner gets a title by the Druids and Elementalists within the mountains themself, a great honor. The Wind is assiocated with the Fenghuang and the colour white.


The Wood elves use a very complex language made out of signs. Here are some words and phrases translated to our letters.

Kunseni = "Saluted ones"


The Wood Elves were once led by a council and the head of the council. The head of the council was the religious leader of the Harmony religion and the council members came from all of the regions of Sylvar. However those times have past, and the Wood elves are now led by a single leader with several advisors.

The Crown Tree Council used to gather in Shiromar, Diralis to discuss matters of the Wood elven people and the world. Each member of the council were also a governor of a region of Sylvar, the head of the Council being the governor of the capital region Diralis. When a meeting wasn't possibly, they simply spoke to each other through the mind while meditating.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Ever since their old friendship with the humans ended with the implosion of the human-elven city of Ciron, the Wood elves have isolated themselves inside of Sylvar. After that, they started to stop caring about the outside world and only began to tend the forestland of Sylvar. Only the recent aggression of the eastern Tribes has forced the Snow elves to once again ally with the humans and now also with their allies, the Dwarves. The invasion of Sylvar by opposing forces has forced the Wood elves to open up and accept aid. At this time, the Wood elves are important members of the Aevlonian Union.

In general, Wood elves do not trust humans. They see them as lesser, foolish and greedy beings that to them, ironically, only care about themselves. If the humans attacked Sylvar, there is no doubt that the Wood elves would launch a full-scale war and try to annhiliate humankind. The only thing that forces the Wood elves to care about humans is the Aevlonian Union.

Wood Elves respect dwarves as they to worship the elements and the earth. In fact, with the Aevlonian Unions, new villages have been built outside of Sylvar together with dwarven settlements. The Wood elves do not have anything against the Dwarves as they simply do not have a reason to dislike them.

Wood elves view the Oroks as barbaric beasts. As the Orok invaded Sylvar, they will show no mercy against them. Pretty much any Wood elf would happily kill an Orok. They view Goblins in the same way though they realize that the Goblin are very intelligent and cunning. Wood elves used to house no hard feelings against the Vargulf, but after Vargulf attacked Sylvar for the north they have lost respect for them. So in short, the Wood elves hate all races of the Tribes and view Oroks and Vargulf as barbaric and Goblins as cunning.

Wood elves dislike Snow elves as they simply agree with pretty much all of the Snow elven ideas and concepts to watch over the world. Wood elves dislike to interfere into the actions of other races, something the Snow elves love to do. While the Snow elves constantly manipulate energies and even life, the Wood elves are completly against this. Wood elves have no love for Snow elves and a Snow elf would probably be shoot down if he dared to step into Sylvar alone.

As for other races, the Wood elves view Gnarl as pests but understand that they are nescessary in the ecology. They view Undead as unnatural and will try to destroy any Necromantic activity they can find within Sylvar. After the Nereid attacked the southern shores of Sylvar, they have grown hostile against them but the Wood elven leader and its advisors will do anything to avoid a war with the Nereid who probably have the mightiest empire in the world. An empire which spans across the oceans themself.


There are few times in history where the Wood elves have gone into war. But recently, they have been forced to in order to defend their beloved homeland Sylvar against enemies that come from all sides. But even though they have not participated in a larger conflict for a long time, they are still extremly skilled fighters having practised warfare for millenia.

Before a battle, Wood elves scout the surroandings with their own scouts and sometimes even animals and birds. They scout areas to see if they can use the terrain and enviroment to their advantage. Wood elves are strongest in areas with dense foilage, as they can easily hide within the trees and bushes and can call upon nature itself to assist them.

After the scouting is complete, the Wood elves quickly summon and employ their Druids and Elementalists to stealthy use nature against their enemies summoning storms and causing earthquakes.

The main soldiers of the Wood elven archers and spellcasters. Guerilla tactics are not uncommon and their frontlines are filled with Sentries who carry spears and shields. On the sides, the Wood elves send their Bladetwisters who carry a enormous but light two-handed glaive-like blades that slice through enemies and Kitsune riders chase down enemies that are trying to escape. Above the ground the Wood elves use Fenghuang riders who are either archers or spellcasters. Though many Wood elves are against using natures own forces against their own enemies, it is not uncommon to see mythical creatures such as enormous Stone giants, elementals of all kinds, nature spirits such as dryads and naiads, wyrms and sometimes even dragons. Elven Assassins have also recently be learned to be feared by the enemies of Sylvar. These assassins are the finest in the world and many opposing leaders have fallen victim to their blades and posion.


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