== Military== The Military of the Kingdom is known as the Regal Armed Forces. Since King Luciferes rule, they are no longer loyal to the Church which has its own army. Each province in the Kingdom is by the Regality required to have a set number of "Mayoend yn Gy" - groups of hundred men. During the war against the Nordyr, the Kingdom used small, mobile forces such as Pikemen, Swordsmen, Archers and even mobile siege vehicles such as Ballistae.

At the age of 15, boys and girls are sent to either a Military School or a Church for a year to train. After this appreciated training, students in the Military School can contiune a military career and go on to a War Academy in a major city. Students in the Churches can contiune their training in a Monastery to become a Priest, Monk or Paladin. Students in a Monastery can also go to a War Academy later if they seek to use their skills in the army. After the War Academy, the student has a good chance of joining a Mayoen yn Gy.

If the Kingdom is under direct attack, all citizens are guility to in some way help defend the Kingdom.

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