The Core is the underground section of the Silver City. The area is under constant struggle as the limits of the Ley have been pushed here and most of the Wicked lives here. The Core has four main sections. In the Laboratorium the Snow Elves perform number of odd experiments and it is said that the Snow Elves are trying to solve the mystery of life there. The Factorium in the Core is the Snow Elves workshop. Here the greatest of the Snow Elven engineers work with devastating machines and vehicles. The Factorium also includes certain Elemental craftsmenship such as the creation of elemental Golems. Those with the greatest minds in the Snow Elven race dwell in the Bibilothecarium. Here new spells and formulas are made and the magical energies of the world is researched. The Ocularium oversees the other three sections and only the highest-ranked Snow Elves may grant access into the inner sanctum of the Core.

In Sceracion Online, one of the Snow Elven Archmages have made a pact with the Wicked and taken over the four main sections of the Core. Experienced Snow Elves and Union allies are sent there to stop the Archmage and retake the Core .

Sceracion Online: The Core Edit

In Sceracion Online the Core has been taken over by the sinister Archmage Qethas who seeks to channel the energies of the Oracle into himself. Qethas has kidnapped races of the Union for his twisted experiments in the Labortorium and binded souls of innocent people to savage machines. He is a danger to both the Silver City and the Union. Three dungeons and one raid are located within the Core, ranging between level 40 to 50.

The Laboratorium Edit

Level 40-44

1. Zilas of the Wicked

2. Elder Leywood

3. Warp Beast

The Factorium Edit

Level 44-48

1. Watcher Gelhem

2. Grand-Engineer Ilithan

3. The Soul Engine

The Bibliothecarium Edit

Level 48-50

1. The Curator

2. Grand-Sorceress Manaris

3. Arcanus

The Ocularium Edit

Level +50

1. Omegatron

2. The Devourer

3. Elementaru

4. Archmage Qethas

The Laboratorium Edit

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