Gripberg is a province of the Kingdom that bears a name older than the aevlonian language. The name comes from the tounge of the nordyr, meaning "Gryphon Mountain". The mountainous region is indeed famed for its native gryphons, an animal that has been domesticated by humans. Though poorly settled, the beforested mountains are also known for their beauty and resources. 


Also known as

The City-Province of Gaerdgrip

Governed by

The Kingdom (Royaly-appointed captain)


2600 (1500 human, 600 gnarl, 250 vargulf, 150 dwarf, 100 troll)


Holy Sun (1450), Shamanism (840), Elementalism (170), Occult (140)

Capital city

Gaerdgrip (1200)

Notable settlements

The Homecaves (350), Daerwyn (150), Eldh(110), Mâard (100), Wan (80)


Timber, hunting, minerals


Beforested mountainscape

History Edit

When humans lived divided in small tribes, the mountains were inhabited by the nordyr. We know that they worshipped the mountains and have records suggesting that they were a group of monks. They are likely to have given Gripberg, Gryphons' Mountains, its name as it's of clear nordyr origin. Perhaps they worshipped the gryphons? 

Eventually, the human settlers of Aebron expanded westwards and drove the monks to extinction. They built what is now known as Gaerdgrip upon the ruins of the monastery. The worship of gryphons endured and the humans finished the domestication process that the nordyr started. Today, human beliefs perceive the Gryphons as warriors of Aureia, sworn to aid them in times of war. Indeed, it was through the use of gryphons that the Ae-tribe united the Kingdom. 

Due to its terrain, Gaerdgrip didn't share a particularily smooth connection to Aebron. Over time, this caused Gaerdgrip to grow more indepedant of Aebron. During the reign of King Faron V, the region gained the status of an independant City-Province. This was largely due to the Faron crisis, where people started questioning his power and looked towards the power of the church. Wanting to minimize its influence, King Faron V made to nearly reduce the size of Aebron in half, creating several new indepedant provinces. It proved to work, and the church's influence diminished.

Barerly a human generation, 40 years, following its indepenance, King Lucifere VI had declared war upon the united clans of the nordyr. The war put a heavy strain upon the workers of Gaerdgrip. Production within the mines and sawmills were doubled in order to supply the demand of war machines. Citizens felt that their independance was diminished, a view that was all but confirmed when the Regal Army later seized the region to secure it. After the war took the downturn for the Kingdom's part, Gaerdgrip rebels started negotiating with the nordyr. The rebels were to assassinate gryphons, perhaps the Kingdom's most potent weapon from the nordyr perspective, in return for being granted mercy when they were victorious. When King Lucifere VI got to know this, he had them and their relatives executed. It was a mass murder. After his fall, Queen Aela raised a memorial within Gaerdgrip and granted the province complete indepedance. 

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