Dwarves are one of the older speices of Sceracion. The Dwarven race came from an ancient speices of Rock Dwarves who in turn where related to Stone Trolls. High exposure of Ley energies turned the races of stone into beings of hardened flesh for the dwarven biology and flesh is still very different from that of a human or elf. Dwarves are short but broad and strong. The large majority of the Dwarven people live beneath the earth, within the underground realm of Nioraveld where they have been isolated and ruled by the elementalist and empress Hekayte.The Dwarves have been under constant struggle against a race of demonic beings from the deepest of the underworld and to survive in the future, the dwarves of Nioraveld will need to open the gates to the surface world and gain new allies.


Came from rock, Ley turned them into flesh. Hekayte is their dictator who is cruel but fights for a good cause. She wants to keep dwarves separated which causes a civil war. Long ago some dwarves were exiled to the surface world for not following her (she is immortal) . These became the Hinterlands hill forest dwarves that we see in the Northern Grounds trilogy.


Isolated. Like fighting. Technologically advanced. Eats mushrooms. Conjured their own sun. Also fight against dark elves and goblins. Orcs are finding their way inside so they need to ally with Union.

They are not alcoholics though those on the surface are. They are like the Dark Iron. Were militarised.

Dwarven Empire is a dictatorship. Heykate has lived for thousands of years and only recently does a civil war threaten to overthrow her. In the later series, Heykate allies with the evil Snow elves to rule the world. She sees the dwarves as the superior race.

They are isolated and shy. Do not like other races and do not trust others. Violent. They are the orcs of the Union.

They have tanks from a swamp-gas, are powerful elementalists and have tamed some cave beasts.

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