The Chaos Magi were a powerful organization of Chaos Mages during the The Dark Age. The Chaos Mages were the closest servants to the former archmage Zydar.They were feared across the entire continent of Aevlon and through their spellcasting the The Sovereignty could seize the entire continent causing many races to flee across the sea, to the land of Airumel.

Chaos Mages got their power from the Plane of Shadows and they often specialized in Chaos magic, Shadow magic and Summoning magic.

The Chaos Mage is a hero class in the MMORPG Sceracion Online. Their Specialization trees there is Shadow, Summoning and Chaos. Chaos Mages specialized in the Shadow draw almost all of their power from dimensional energies. Chaos Mages specialized in Summoning also draw their powers from dimensional energy but they can also summon the Demons of outer worlds. But the real Chaos Mages use all destructive energy around them to cause as much devastation as possible.

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