Aurokhs are massive mammals with thick hide that live all across the main continent of Sceracion. They are found from the forests of the Northern Grounds to the plains of the east. They have been domesticated by both orokhs aswell as nordyr, both as cattle animals and war beasts. They are herbivorous but if they are trained to become war beasts, they are forcefully feed with humanoid flesh. Wild Aurokhs are known to be aggressive but do not live in herds

One may think that due to its enormous size, the Aurokh is a slow-moving animal. But the Aurokh can charge and run in higher speeds than any human could. In warfare, they often charge in and break formations. Their thick hide protects them from swords, arrows and pikes. Taking down an aurokh is a hard task. In both the Nordyrs and the Orokhs culture, the Aurokh symbolizes strength, tenacity and endurance.

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