Arkendal is famous for it's archers.

Also known as

The City-Province of Nidaros


The Kingdom


Elected Chief and Council


Chief Haltfeld Wyrmbane


Nidaros (6000)


Fellwîk (2500), Baldenholde (1500)Stedfast (1450), Arkendre (1400), Wargden (800), Twin Road (700), Dunweld Quarry (550), Pinebranch Outpost (65)




Human (11,500) Nordyr (4000) Vargulf (1500) Faun (400) Dwarf (300) Troll (150) Wood Elf (80)


Holy Sun (9000) Shamanism (5800) Runelore (3000) Druidism (200)


Pine-forested hills

Western Aevlon to the east

Arkendal is a region in the central parts of Western Aevlon. Arkendale houses the City-Province of Nidaros and is a part of the human Kingdom. The forested hills are covered in pines and stretching northwards. In the north, the Nidas Lake surrounds the Province's capital city of Nidaros together with the Nidas River which runs southwest. The mountains in the east ranges to Galamakh and then turns south, to elven realm of Sylvar. Arkendale is rich on rescourses such as Ore, Lumber, Minerals and Meat from hunting.

Arkendal is officially Human territory but large numbers of Nordyr, Vargulf, Trolls and even Fauns inhabits the region. Recently, Gnolls have began to "infest" the woods from the south. Many different animals can be found within the woodland such as bears, wolfs, giant spiders, deer, elk and boar.

Due to threats from the Nordyr and Vargulf, the City-Province of Eagle Crest in the south has sent military assistance to Arkendale and Nidaros. The humans of the Province are in constant struggle with the great Nordyr fortress of Fellwîk in the mountain range to the east. But the increased military assisstance also has another motivation. Arkendal is very rich on rescourses and The Royalty (the Kingdoms adminstiration together with the King) have always wanted more control over the semi-independant province. The City-Province of Nidaros is ruled by an elected Chief and Council.

The King's Road that runs through the entire Kingdom ends in Nidaros and is heavily patrolled and trafficked. Bandit attacks are not uncommon in the woods. Apart from Nidaros, other major settlements include Stedfast and Eikby, both of which lies alongside the Kings Road. The fortress of Baldenholde lies in the northeast and from it's stone towers one can see the Nordyr fortress Fellwîk.

History Edit

The hills of Arkendal where created due to tetonic activity (which also created the Waldyr range) and the catalystic events long ago. But the humans were not the first race that set their foot in Arkendale. No, the vargulf of the neighbouring Howling Hills (the Waldyr Range) were first in the region. Then the humans came from the north, driven out by the nordyr. Later the wood elves came with the peaceful Fauns. But soon the wood elves withdrew from Arkendale and into the woodlands of Sylvar as the world around them became consumed by war and conflict. The tensions between the nordyr and the humans of Arkendale had increased and conflict was inevitable.

This conflict became known as the Arkendalian Skirmishes and it has been mentioned to have been the begining of the hatred between the nordyr and humanity. The nordyr seeked to expand their territory south and Arkendal seemed like a natural expansion with it's rich rescourses. But challenging the humans would be harder then expected. The humans of Arkendale had learnt to utilize the woodland and through guerilla fighting, they managed to hold off the nordyr for a long time.

But the nordyr were to much for the small population of Arkendalians. Their salvation came from the south. The humans of the grasslands in the south already had trade and diplomatic ties with Nidaros (the Arkendalians capital city). The humans of the Kingdom did not want to see Arkendal go to the nordyr. So the Kingdom sent a large bunch of military assisstance to Arkendal and the nordyr were forced to retreat to the northeastern parts of the region where they established their stronghold of Fellwîk in the mountains. This also led to the Kingdom constructing the fortress of Baldenholde to counter the nordyrs stronghold and defend the region. As thanks for their aid, the Arkendalians allied with the Kingdom and the City-Province of Nidaros was created.

A hundred years later the Twin Wars between the Kingdom and the Northern Grounds was about to begin. King Angered by the loss of Arkendal, the nordyr was about to send their full force and rage against the Kingdom. The devastating war caused great losses on both sides and to end it, the Wall of Fallen Heroes was created across the entire Kingdom to separate the humans from the nordyr. Arkendal was left outside this wall ut with the military assistance from the warlike City-Province of Eagle Crest but yet they have endured for hundreds of years.

But the nordyr are far from the only threat to Arkendal. The Waldyr Range is home to the lupine vargulf and is Arkendales neighbour. The Vargulf have always been present in Arkendal but never been a great threat. Untill now. The Vargulf have gone to new, more offensive stance - hinting at an alliance with the nordyr or any other faction opposing the humans of Arkendal.

The history of conflict between the City-Province of Nidaros and the nordyr is a long one. Through all the conflicts, the people of Nidaros have found both great respect and hatred against the nordyr. With the Kingdoms recent campaigns against the Tribes in the East, the nordyr seems to have taken their chance to furfill their goal. To finally claim Arkendal as their own. And with the military assisstance of Eagle Crest turning away to reinforce the battles in the east, it doesnt seem unlikely that the nordyr will finally succeed in claiming Arkendal.

The City-Province of Nidaros Edit

Some of the first humans settled in Arkendal and while the province of Nidaros is old, the actual city of Nidaros is even older. Nidaros might actually be one of the oldest settlements in Western Aevlon and yet, it is not very large. Nidaros has never needed to be an expansive city as the general human population of Nidaros has always been quite sustained and low compared to other provinces in the Kingdom.

Nidaros became a City-Province of the Kingdom after it got military assistance from the Kingdom City-Province of Eagle Crest. Arkendale is a huge income of natural rescourses for the Kingdom and as such, there will always be conflict between the races living here (The Nordyr to the north, the humans to the south, the vargulf to the east and the fauns in the middle).

Right through Arkendal goes the King's Road (Raeder Ceryd). It ends up in Nidaros. Nidaros has a strong and welltrained miltia themselves and are not as dependant on soldiers from the rest of the Kingdom anymore. In recent times, the soldiers from the Kingdom that once protected Arkendal has been transported to the New Battlefront in the east. Arkendal is very well known for their archers, the Khyrden Awlind ("The Sharp Bows/Bows sharp") . The Khyrden Awlind are trained in archery since childhood days. They are able to shoot a fast, flying bird in the air. The Khryden Awlind have determinated the outcome of many battles and can only be matched by the Wood Elves and the half-nordyren archers. Other then the Khyrden Awlind, the Arkendalians are famous for their Shaman-Healers and Scouts. Nidaros miltia utilize guerilla-like tactics agains't the Nordyr forces in the region. The tactics has proven to be successful though the Nordyr fortress of Fellwik still stands in the northeastern parts of the region, at the base of the Waldyr Range.

The vargulf (called waldyr in the human language) and the nordyr are the only major threats in this region though the Hivemine is attempting to create colonies in the forests. In the mines kobolds lurk but they mostly cause annoyance and are not considered a real threat, but a simple pest. Conscription is a must for all males in the province, though it's optional for females. Most of the spiritual leaders in Nidaros are female. The must for conscription has caused many of the people here to forsake the Kingdom and become outcasts. Many bandit gangs lurks in the forests. During the Twin Wars the nordyr hired the largest bandit gang in the northern parts of the Kingdom at the time, the Shadow Hand (or Gald Nos, "The Hand Shadowy"). The Shadow Hand were assigned to spy on the humans and assassinate and sabotage for the nordyr. In return, Shadow Hand members and their allies were free to use nordyr villages as sanctuaries aswell as getting paid (mostly with spoils of war). The Shadow Hand cooperating with the nordyr was discovered by the blacksmith, warrior, officer and later councilor Cedrik of the Woodsmen.

Like the other City-Provinces in the Kingdom, Nidaros has it's own semi-democratic government. Nidaros is led by a Chief and a council. The chief is elected by the people but must first accomplish six traditional trials and defeat the previous chief in a duel (though the duel does not need to be martial but can be described as a political debate). The council actually has more power then the chief, since the council can influence the choice of the next chief. This has led to many political conflicts. The council gives advice to the chief and is made out of ten people, each of the council member have their own role. Like one councilor might reprensate the peasants and one the warriors et cetera. Often the chief is in charge of the military duties and is the connection between the province and the rest of the Kingdom.

Though most of the arkendalians have converted to worship of the Holy Sun, a few thousand still remains at the old pagan shamanstic beliefs. Shaman-Healers are still important in the arkendalians culture and even in warfare. Despite becoming an important city-province to the Kingdom, the arkendalians has managed to preserve their culture and spirit. Nidaros sits at the large Nylere Lin (Lin = lake) lake which borders nordyr territory (though the nordyr obviously counts the whole region as their property). Arkendal is again rich on rescourses and ore is mainly mined from the Duweld Quarry which is located in the southeastern base of the Waldyr range. Eagle Crest also receives their water supply from the mountain lakes in the hills to the southwest. The water there is transported to Eagle Crest via a long aqueduct. Hunting is an important income here. Arkendals meat is renowned across the entire Kingdom and even the dwarves pays huge sums for it. Obviously Arkendal brings a lot of lumber to the Kingdom and it is the provinces main income. Farming isn't huge in Arkendal and most of the farms are located alongside the river banks. The largest river in Nidaros runs from the Nylere Lin and southeast. It is called the Nylere Ised ("The Nylere River/literally Nylere The River"). Another large river is the Wal Ised ("The Wolf River/literally Wolf The River") which runs from the Waldyr (Wolf people) range. The people of Arkendal are respectful but yet fearless and work hard for the survival of their land.


Arkendal stretches from the Wall of the Fallen Heroes, known in the aevlonian as Gwyen Arvden Bared, in the south to the Ulden Dylen (known as the Troll Hills to us) in the north and the Nylere Lin in the northwest. The Waldyr Range covers the entire eastern border of the region and in the southwest the Grey Hills (Dylden Frith). Ulden Dylen is usually not counted as a settlement within Arkendal.

Nidaros is by far the largest settlement in Arkendal. It is located on a peninsula strecthing into the southern shores of Nylere Lin. Stedfast has six times less inhabitants then Nidaros and yet it is the fourth largest settlement in Arkendal. Arkendre (Forests town) has slightly less inhabitants. Twin Road lies in central Arkendal where Raeder Ceryd splits to Nidaros and one to Stedfast. The Dylweld Quarry is the settlement within Dylden Frith and has both dwarf and human inhabitants. Finally the wood elves of Sylvar have an small outpost called the Pinebranch Outpost in the southeastern part of the region, at a pass between Arkendal and Sylvar.


  • Arkendal was originally called Arkendale.
  • Though Arkendal was the first real province I worked on, it was the latest province I came up with in my head.
  • Arkendal is inspired by the Grizzly Hills from the Warcraft universe in appearance.

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