Alyria is a human kingdom and emerging nation state on the southeastern shores of Sceracion. Once divided amongst tribal chieftians, it was united by blood and birth against the hostile forces surrounding the human nation. 

Alyria was long a client state of the Light elven dominion. The elves destroyed ancient, shamanstic beliefs and incorporated the remains into the faith that they imposed upon the alyrians. Influenced by elven values, the religion is based on the values of justice and order.

Following the Iron Insurrection, the elves were overthrown by Isabela using new technology that she and her wealthy Avenici family, smuggled from the Southlands, into the rebellious province of Gripberg. Once the elves and old monarchy dealing with them were overthrown, Isabela assumed the role as the first Queen of Alyria. 

Since the Iron Insurrection, Alyria has been undergoing an industrial revolution. Wealthy merchant families have monopoly control over the different branches of the economy. They are suppoted in this by the dynastic Avenici family, making Alyria, in practice, a despotic corporate oligarchy. 

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