Alond Groen
River Farmland
A branch of the Alond Mave river.

Also known as

The City-Province of Alond Groen


The Kingdom


Elected Governor and Council


Governor Arnel Veno


Alond Groen (16,500)

Notable Settlements

Grendvel (10,000), Illdand Gve (5000)Meldor (1650), Gerfest (1000), Andor (425), The Den (120)




Human (34,500) Gnard (1000) Other (500) Vargulf (1500) Faun (400) Dwarf (300) Troll (150) Wood Elf (80)


Holy Sun (34,500) Shamanism (1000) Other (350)


Farmland by the river Central Aevlon

Alond Groen ("The River Cross") is a region and City-Province of the Kingdom close to the center of Aevlon. The Alond Mave ("The Great River") borders it in the west and in the south and the region and City-Province of the Tirawen woods to the east, It has been a part of the Kingdom since it was formed, though the Church of the Holy Sun long controlled the land and still has a huge influence on it. Alond Groen main exports are of agriculture products and other things that the peasants of the Kingdom might provide. Many beast dwell the land, though hunting is not a major income in the area. Some of these beasts include bears, wolfs, deer and boar aswell as the occasional moose and several types of birds.

The Alond Groen is a peaceful land, but Bandit and other underground activity is still increasing and is threatening the harmony in the region. Small tribes of Gnards live in the forests in the east. They are seen as pests by the humans but the two races have largely left each other untill recent times where the Gnard have been growing more aggressive towards both humans and other gnards. With most of the Kingdoms forces turned to the east, Alond Groens very own people will have to take up arms to defend the peace in their land against the ever increasing bands of bandits and gnards.

There are three large towns in this populated region. Alond Groen itself is a harbor on the banks of the Alond Mave in the south. Ildand Gve in the east aswell as the farming city of Grendvel where there every weekend is a market and at the end of each month an even greater market. There are many great mills located in the Province.

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