The Empire, Independent


Knight Orders, Self-rule


12 000


Aldkrest (7000), ?


Humans (10 000), gnoll (1000), wild elves (500), other (500)


Holy Flame (9000), shamanism (2500), other (500)


Arid, savanna

Aldkrest is a region in the south of the Empire, bordering the elven forests of Sylvar. It is in under the dominion of dozens of Imperial Free Knights, organised in a number of different orders. The most significant settlement in the region is the stronghold bearing the same name, Aldkrest.

History Edit

Aldkrest used to be but a wasteland home to stray bands of wild elves, gnolls and various of beasts. It was not truly settled by humans untill the Empire was formed and started granting its knights land and property, independent from the feudal lords of the realm.

Over time, the Knights formed various orders with largest one seeking to get representation in the imperial Congress of Lords. As former imperial subjects having been awarded their own land and property for their efforts in war, the Knights were exempted from taxes, which is what the feudal lords had to pay to get representation in Congress. The Order instead offered to protect the border towards Sylvar and provide the Empire with the finest soldiers in times of war. The offer was accepted by the Emperor and since that day, Aldkrest has been under the protection of the Empire and the Empire under the protection of Aldkrest.

Governance Edit

3-4 orders? Look up historical orders.

Aldkrest - Miranda border - Monster Slayers / Crusaders? Treasure Hunters?

Geography Edit

Fill when orders are filled.

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