Aebron is the capital city-province of The Kingdom. It is located in the heart of the aevlonian grasslands, based

A village in the cultivated region.

Also known as

The Throne of Life (aevlonian). The City-Province of Aebron. Capital of The Kingdom.


The Kingdom.


Monarch, elected council and senate.




Aebron (450,000)

Major settlements

Fenden (95,000), Arwyrd (70 000), Aloma (25,000), Elsyr (20,000).


Humans (690,000)


Sacred Sun (685,000), Other (5000)


River-ridden, cultivated grassland.


Farming, slavery, lumber.

around the great river of Alond Mave.

These fertile farmlands were populated early by humans, and Aebron is an ancient settlement located on a large and long island in the Alond Mave. Originally a strategically located fort and settlement, it grew into a major city - eventually become the capital city of the aevlonian humans. During the prosperous but forgotten era of the Aenshen Union, the elves of Sylvar renovated the regal central island district known as the Monarch City. The Monarch City of today is built upon its foundations and though heavily modified, the Celestial Temple is its only surviving remenant.

Aebron is now the most populous region of The Kingdom, having a long history of human settlements and being the capital. Despite being a rich land, poverty and organised criminality is rampant.


Before the humans settled upon the fields of Aebron, it was mainly populated by the Gnarl. Before they were crushed by the nascent human clans, the Gnarl had a thriving civilisation which was largely based around the rivers of Aevlon. Just like humans got pushed out of the Northlands by the Nordyr, so were the Gnarl by the humans. The gnarl lords were killed, their tribes shattered and their race were exiled to the forests of Aevlon. Now, most gnarls remaining in Aebron live as thieves and even raiders. It is known that criminal organisations have recruited gnarl.

During the time when humans were separated into clans, control over the river Alond Mave was fought over. Eventually, one clan captured a central island in the river and established a stronghold on it. This city would one day become Aebrron and was the start of the Kingdom for it was this clan that would defeat all others.

As the first kingdom expanded, a new civilization flourished in Aevlon. When humaniy expand east, towards the dense forests of Sylvar, the native wood elves did not answer with rains of arrows - but with diplomacy. Soon humanity and elves entered a golden age. Culture was shared and the great city of Ylesia-shan was built. What is now Aebron was a temple-city at the time. The wood elven spirituality influenced human beliefs and in particular, the sun and the water became more prominent in their faith. Unfortunaly, this union ended with a catastrophe. The vargulf was a serious threat to the wood elven lords at the time, and research was made with manipulation of ley energies. Ylesia was a center of these operations. In an experiment, the entire city of Ylesia imploded and soon, the friendship between wood elves and humans fell. This was mostly due to the internal conflicts within the wood elves, who did not want to teach the humans such powers. The catastrophe at Ylesia was what really caused the wood elven people to reject manipulation with ley energies. The ruined and walled city of Ylesia still stands today, and so does the abberations it unleashed...

Over the centuries, the wood elves were forgotten. The humans faced a religious revolution was started, and Aureia - goddess of the sun - became the primary deity. The legacy of the wood elven faith still resides within her children - the stars. The religious revolution meant that the wood elven temples and shrines were rebuilt and their legacy was largely forgotten. In fact, the wood elves started isolating themselves for various of reasons and turned into a legend. Years later, humans would once again venture east into Sylvar, only to face piercing arrows and unsheated blades.

Now Aebron is an exploited but fertile region, where the majority of the aevlonians live. Aebron is by far the largest city of the capital city and it's great arena attracts visitors from all over the continent. The problem that Aebron face now is large increase of organized criminal gangs and many speculate that foreign forces are controlling them.

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